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mars_vs_mars's Journal

Mars vs Mars, A Veronica Mars Icon Challenge
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Mars vs Mars


willowgraphics aka yammerer_willow

Rules and Regulations - MUST READ BEFORE ENTERING!

Mars Vs Mars Icon Challenge

Rules and Regulations - MUST READ BEFORE ENTERING!

1. All icons submitted must be your own idea, and your own work. Do not take from someone elses hard work, originality is key.

2. All challenges will begin on Mondays and end the following Saturday at noon central time, leaving Saturday night and Sunday until midnight central time for voting.

3. Do not advertise your icons, or ask your friends to vote for you. Submissions will be anonymous when posted for the vote, and cheating will not be tolerated.

4. Read Challenge instructions fully before starting work, submissions that don't meet guidlines will not be accepted.

5. Each submission will be done in a comment to the challenge post. Format will be the actual image, then a copy of the url below it.

6.Any images used that we don't provide must be appropriatly credited, if you didn't cap the episode yourself then don't accept credit for it, if you use promotional photos list what site you got them from.

7. Praise is welcome, flaming is not allowed. Any cruelty regarding anothers hard work will not be tolerated in this community.

8. Do not post old work, please make sure all work that is done on these icons is fresh and new.

9. Icons submitted may not be in use anywhere, once the challenge is done then the icon is open for use, until then it is to be seen only in this challenge.

10. The three strikes and your out rule applies here, if you insult another artist, disrespect a mod, or receive more than three complaints against you that can be backed up with proof of some sort, you will be banned.

11. Tallying goes like this: First place votes are worth 5 pts, Second place votes are worth 3 pts, and Third place votes are worth 1pt. They all get added together, and the highest point earner wins. Ask a mod if anything is unclear.

12. you may only win once in a challenge, give everyone a chance to win.

13. The proper way to post an icon in a comment.


(whether or not you want a banner or not)

*Icon thanks to larissadawn*

14. The most important thing here is that you have fun.

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